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October 25, 2011
International Stroke Conference

This 2½-day conference provides a forum in which to present recent scientific work related to cerebrovascular disease. More than 1,000 abstract presentations, lectures and debates will be featured. This year, special symposia and debates will focus on numerous topics including: Stroke in the Context of the UN Actions on NCDs (an AHA/WSO/WHO joint session); Ethics of Device Use for Acute Stroke Intervention; Stroke in Women; Advances in Stroke Rehabilitation: A Practical Approach for Clinicians; Intracranial Stenting and SAMMPRIS Trial: Lessons Learned for Current Management and Future Trials; Preventing Stroke in Economically Disadvantaged Populations; Acute Dizziness Identification and Management; Splenic and Other Immune Responses to Stroke; Targeting Door to Needle Times for Quality Improvement; The Case for Very Early Rehabilitation for Stroke Recovery; Acute Stroke: Quest for Excellence (Nursing); Acquired Cerebral Arteriopathies in the Young: Understanding Common and Unique Mechanisms for Arterial Injury Across the Age Spectrum; Controversies in the Management of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage; Cerebral Microvascular Disease: Vascular Function, White Matter Disease and Microbleeds; Blood Pressure and the Brain: White Matter, Infarcts, Microbleeds and Consequences for Cognitive Impairment; and Seizures and Vascular Malformations: How to Treat? Sessions in clinical categories will center on diagnosis, acute nonendovascular treatment, in-hospital treatment, rehabilitation and recovery, pediatric stroke, prevention, community/risk factors, nursing, emergency medicine, outcomes, vascular biology, and vascular cognitive impairment. Sessions in surgical and interventional categories will focus on aneurysm, acute neuroimaging, cerebrovascular occlusive disease, acute endovascular treatment, SAH and other neurocritical management, and vascular malformations.