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He is my Hero!

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On Dec. 7, 2013, I was up and feeling fine and doing my usual around the house chores. I was in my closet and bent down to pick up something, and my head exploded. I had immediate pain, worst headache of my life. Within a few mins., I started vomiting. My husband wanted to take me to the hospital immediately, but I kept saying no, that maybe this was a migraine (which I had never had in my 63 years). Several hours later, I finally went to the hospital in Ventura where they did a CT scan and discovered I had a brain aneurysm which had burst. I was given the choice of going to Cottage or USC. Even though I was out of it by then, I did manage to say Cottage. I was taken to Cottage by helicopter where I was met by Dr. Zauner. By then it was Saturday night. He did a coil embolism on me. I really didn’t wake up until that following Monday. I stayed in ICU for 10 days. The care I was given by Dr. Zauner and his staff, as well as the staff at Cottage, was exemplary.

They took the time to explain everything going on to my family. I also spent 2 nights on the step-down floor. The staff there were also amazing. I begged Dr. Zauner to release me from the hospital so I could be home in time to watch my grandson in his kindergarten performance, and he did. If it had to happen to me, I’m so glad I ended up as Dr. Zauner’s patient. He is my hero!