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patient stories

April 15, 2015
Thank you!

Dr. Alois Zauner placed stents in my brain, carotid right and left at UM Jackson in 2006 just before he moved to CA, results could not be better. I’m still kicking. Love you Dr. Z, THANK YOU!


February 11, 2015
I couldn’t have asked for a better Doctor!

Today is my three year ANEURversary!! Three years ago today, on the morning of my brother’s wedding day, I suffered from a brain aneurysm at 19 years old. I was sleeping next to my sister when she heard/felt me begin to have a seizure. My family called the ambulance and they took me to Arroyo Grande Hospital. They ran numerous tests to try and figure out what was wrong with me. They did a Lumbar puncture to check for Meningitis, and that is how they found out my brain was bleeding (because the fluid was pink/redish rather than clear). The doctors made the decision to send me to Cottage Hospital where Dr. Zauner specializes in this type of thing so I was rushed in an ambulance all the way from Arroyo Grande to Santa Barbara. Dr. Zauner and his team performed the coil embolization procedure on me. I vaguely remember anything about that entire day until I came to in the angiography suite. I remember how sweet everyone was and helpful in informing me of everything that happened and assuring me that I was okay. I was taken to a room in the ICU, where I stayed for a week or so. Dr. Zauner and all of the nurses were AMAZING to my family and I. He explained everything to us in a way that made sense and we knew what was going on. He came and checked on me a couple times a day to make sure I was okay. Through out my whole stay at the hospital and even when I went home, I was able to ask him anything and he would explain it to me or assure me that I was okay. I couldn’t have asked for a better Doctor. Dr. Zauner will never know how much appreciation and respect I have for him.